Please check the rules for competitions before submitting your entries.

If you have any queries then please check with the relevant competition secretary.

o  Prints: Anita Leicester
   Graham Tyers
o  Digital:  John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3*
Note change of email address

For digital images entered into league competitions it would be helpful to name the file with the title, followed by "%", and then your name, eg: "Another Tennis Ball % Duncan Grove.jpg". Images can be up to 1,400 pixels wide and up to 1,050 pixels high. The closing date for receipt of entries is the Monday evening three days before the competition takes place.

I always acknowledge receipt of digital images sent by email. If you do not receive a reply within a day or so it would be safest to assume that I have not received your entry. Please follow up either by sending an email without any attachments, or by phoning me on 020 8394 0778.