Digital League - Results after Round 4

Judge: Royston Williamson

Standard Class: Intermediate Class: Advanced Class:
Perry Martin-Loat 69.5 Michael Harrison 72.5 Phil Kirk 74
James Road 67 Sue Law 71 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3* 73
Cashel Riordan 66 Hugh Griffiths LRPS 66.5 Keith Cooper 69
Julian Tatum LRPS 66 Graham Tyers 62.5 Anita Leicester 65.5
Val Gibbens 62.5 Roy Bailey 48 Enrico DiVito 65.5
Grace Ro 50.5 John Rowe 65
Richard Weston 49 Gloria Whaley LRPS 62.5
Paul Croft 34 San Bamunuge 38.5
Craig Edwards 33.5 Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP 33.5
Clive Taylor 33 Arthur Strange 33
Sarah Baldwin 17.5 Marion Strange 31
Adam Darrah 16
Magali Perret 14
Scores in Standard Class:
Cert My perfect retreat 10 Craig Edwards
Cert Over the sea to a land far away 9.5 Richard Weston
Cert Alhambra Palace 9 Grace Ro
Cert Shoppers in Kerala 9 Julian Tatum LRPS
Dusk at Eastbourne 8.5 Clive Taylor
Christchurch Castle 8.5 James Road
Reflecting on the big blue - Kamiros 8.5 Perry Martin-Loat
Beached 8.5 Val Gibbens
Kerry 8 Cashel Riordan
West Cork 8 Cashel Riordan
Stroll on the Pier 8 Clive Taylor
Standing Watch 8 Craig Edwards
Three Stone Towers 8 Grace Ro
Bournmouth Beach 8 James Road
Passing Ferries 8 Val Gibbens
Norfolk Kite surfer 7.5 Julian Tatum LRPS
Cats - a reflective drink 7.5 Perry Martin-Loat
Rockpool 7.5 Richard Weston
Scores in Intermediate Class:
Cert Bamburgh Castle 10 Hugh Griffiths LRPS
Cert Freedom of the sea 10 Michael Harrison
Cert Something for everyone 10 Michael Harrison
Cert Wipe out 9.5 Graham Tyers
Cert Kruger veld 9 Hugh Griffiths LRPS
Sheringham Seafront 8.5 Roy Bailey
Holiday Photo 8 Sue Law
On Holiday 8 Sue Law
Beached boat 7.5 Graham Tyers
Lake Como 6.5 Roy Bailey
Scores in Advanced Class:
Cert * Ice Cream 10 Phil Kirk
Cert On Holiday 01 10 Enrico DiVitto
Cert Sun Worship 10 Keith Cooper
Cert Biaritz Beach 9.5 John Rowe
Cert Getting Away From It All 9 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3*
Cert I Told You We'd Miss It 9 Phil Kirk
The last tourist 8.5 Anita Leicester
Stroll on the Beach 8 Gloria Whaley LRPS
Stepping Stones 8 John Rowe
Moored Up 7.5 Anita Leicester
Crabbing 7.5 Gloria Whaley LRPS
On Holiday in Menorca 7.5 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3*
Table for Two 7.5 Keith Cooper
Water Colour ! 01 6 Enrico DiVitto
Cert = certificate awarded
* Ice Cream by Phil Kirk wins the Photo Saunders Trophy
as the Best Project Digital Image on the set subject of On Holiday