Digital League - Results after Round 5

Judge: Mike Dales ARPS CPAGB

Standard Class: Intermediate Class: Advanced Class:
Perry Martin-Loat 85.5 Michael Harrison 88 Phil Kirk 93
James Road 84.5 Sue Law 88 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3* 90
Cashel Riordan 81.5 Hugh Griffiths LRPS 86 Keith Cooper 86.5
Julian Tatum LRPS 81 Graham Tyers 80 Anita Leicester 81
Val Gibbens 80 Roy Bailey 65.5 Enrico DiVito 81
Grace Ro 67 John Rowe 80
Craig Edwards 51 Gloria Whaley LRPS 76
Paul Croft 50.5 San Bamunuge 56
Richard Weston 49 Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP 51
Clive Taylor 48 Arthur Strange 33
Adam Darrah 35.5 Marion Strange 31
Sarah Baldwin 27
Magali Perret 14
Scores in Standard Class:
Cert Porthcurno Beach 10 Adam Darrah
Cert Marazion Sunrise 9.5 Adam Darrah
Cert I've got my eye on you 9.5 Craig Edwards
Cert Autumn Colours 9.5 Sarah Baldwin
Cert Setting Sun over Parliament 9 James Road
Cert Brad on the limit 9 Paul Croft
Cert Sun Bleached 9 Val Gibbens
Girl on the beach 8.5 Cashel Riordan
Walking in the mist 8.5 Grace Ro
The Shard above the Office Blocks 8.5 James Road
London - memories to take home 8.5 Perry Martin-Loat
Spring Melt 8.5 Val Gibbens
Who me 8 Craig Edwards
Sun rises with Hot Air Balloon 8 Grace Ro
Server 8 Julian Tatum LRPS
In Home Park 7.5 Clive Taylor
The Plough at Leigh 7.5 Clive Taylor
Symmetry in 2 planes 7.5 Paul Croft
A walk on Putney Common 7.5 Perry Martin-Loat
Gary Moore 7 Cashel Riordan
Alex 7 Julian Tatum LRPS
Scores in Intermediate Class:
Cert Rain 10 Graham Tyers
Cert The church at Vik 10 Hugh Griffiths LRPS
Cert Debate 9.5 Hugh Griffiths LRPS
Cert Pink anemone 9.5 Sue Law
Cert Ben 9 Roy Bailey
Mushrooms, Clover and Gravel 8.5 Roy Bailey
On way to a fishpond near you 8.5 Michael Harrison
Fields 7.5 Graham Tyers
Monkey Puzzle 7.5 Sue Law
Hampton Court Palace from the Longwater 7 Michael Harrison
Scores in Advanced Class:
Cert Curves 10 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3*
Cert Common Wasp Drinking 10 Phil Kirk
Cert Caracal 9.5 Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP
Cert Autumn Colours 9.5 Sankatha Bamunuge
Cert Rocket Ship 9 Keith Cooper
Cert Nuthatch 9 Phil Kirk
We Fix Anything 8.5 Keith Cooper
Lock and Chain 8 Anita Leicester
Melospia Melodia (song sparrow) 8 Enrico DiVito
Tired out After 60 Years 8 Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP
Silverstone Lamborghini super trofeo 8 Sankatha Bamunuge
1904 Gladiator 7.5 Anita Leicester
Splash of colour 01 7.5 Enrico DiVito
Reflection 7.5 John Rowe
Word Search 7.5 John Rowe
Young Herring Gull 7 Gloria Whaley LRPS
Shaft of Autumn Light 7 John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3*
Kew Gardens 6.5 Gloria Whaley LRPS
Cert = certificate awarded