Print League - Results after Round 4

Judge: Paul Graber LRPS

Standard Class: Advanced Class:
Sue Law 73 Chris Whaley 72.5
Paul Croft 72.5 Keith Cooper 71.5
Richard Weston 71.5 Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP 71
James Road 71 John Rowe 70.5
Perry Martin-Loat 67.5 Michael Harrison 68
Val Gibbens 64.5 Enrico DiVito 67
Cashel Riordan 52.5 Hugh Griffiths LRPS 66
Grace Ro 42.5 Anita Leicester 65.5
Sarah Baldwin 24 Julian Tatum LRPS 64
Andy Sillett 19.5 Phil Kirk 58.5
Adam Darrah 8 Fiona Reilly LRPS 34.5
Arthur Strange 31
Marion Strange 30.5
John Horne ARPS EFIAP BPE3* 17.5
Sankatha Bamunuge 16
Scores in Standard Class:
Cert Andy Sillett 10 Mohammed, A Refugee from Sudan
Cert James Road 10 Fiona
Cert Perry Martin-Loat 10 Portrait
Cert Sue Law 10 The Doorman
Cert Andy Sillett 9.5 Chelsea Pensioner
Cert James Road 9.5 Enrico
Cert Paul Croft 9.5 Don
Cert Sue Law 9.5 Adi
Sue Law 9 Kelly
Andy Sillett 8.5 The Girl's Mother was Shocked by This Picture
Cashel Riordan 8.5 If Only You Were Mine
Grace Ro 8.5 The Lady
Paul Croft 8.5 Freddie
Richard Weston 8.5 Mo
Richard Weston 8.5 Otto
Cashel Riordan 8 Reuben
Perry Martin-Loat 8 Sarah
Cashel Riordan 7.5 I Told You I Could Win
Richard Weston 7.5 The Machinist
Val Gibbens 7.5 Fantasy
James Road 7 Break Time
Val Gibbens 7 Georgia On My Mind
Scores in Advanced Class:
Cert * Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP 10 Contemplation
Cert Phil Kirk 10 Sleeping Beauties
Cert Chris Whaley 9.5 Street Performer
Cert Enrico DiVito 9.5 Music Man
Cert Hugh Griffiths LRPS 9.5 The Engine Driver
Cert John Rowe 9.5 Carla
Cert John Rowe 9.5 Dreaming
Cert Phil Kirk 9 Mrs Washington
Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP 8.5 Elim Boy
Hugh Griffiths LRPS 8.5 Hayden
Julian Tatum LRPS 8.5 Annabel
Keith Cooper 8.5 The Time Traveller
Anita Leicester 8 Gemma
Keith Cooper 8 The Pirate's Lady
Michael Harrison 8 Dr Sarah O'Neill
Michael Harrison 8 Beautiful at Seven
Anita Leicester 7.5 Healey
Enrico DiVito 7.5 Distinguished
Julian Tatum LRPS 7.5 Kathakali Dancer, Kerala
Chris Whaley 6.5 Waiting for a Train, Waterloo Station
Cert = certificate awarded
* Contemplation by Fred Barrington ARPS AFIAP was awarded the
Brugfina Trophy for the best print on the set subject of Portrait